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How can a Tax lawyer help me?
  • Navigating taxes in Spain as a foreigner can be tricky.
  • Our Tax team partners are here for both individuals and businesses.
  • People from all over the world trust us to simplify their tax matters in Spain.
  • Whether you live in Spain or abroad, if you need legal help related to Spain, lean on us! We’re here to make things easier for you!

Don’t go it alone with all the complicated stuff—you might be missing out on more tax savings! We’ll boost your tax savings and take the hassle and stress out of the process for you!

Our most Common Case Examples

🌍 Personal Income Tax

  • A pilot wanted to smartly handle his personal taxes in Spain.
  • By applying for a work-abroad income exemption, he saved on taxing 60,100 Euros each year.
  • It’s all about knowing the law! And our partners can help with that!

  • A US expat moving to Spain wanted to manage his US assets to avoid Spain’s Wealth Tax.
  • By switching from an LLC to a Limited company, he benefited from a family business exemption. Smart move!

  • A company had been inactive for years. We refreshed its accounting, filed all overdue tax returns, and now it’s ready to run smoothly again.
  • Let’s get to business!

Our other Requested Tax Cases

🏠 Beckham Law

Acquire a business Now
  • Thinking of moving to Spain? You might like the “David Beckham” Law! Here’s why:
    • You’d pay only 24% tax on your employment income.
    • Just 19% tax on other income from Spain.
    • And the best part? Income from abroad like dividends, interests, and capital gains won’t be taxed in Spain at all.
  • Sounds good, right?

🧑🏻‍💼 Refund Spanish Witholdings

Get Your Witholdings back now
  • Got dividends from shares in Spain but live elsewhere? Spain might’ve taken some as withholding tax.
  • But good news!
  • There might be a limit on how much they can take, based on a tax agreement between Spain and your home country.

🧾 Tax Simulation

Simulate your Tax Now
  • Thinking of moving to Spain and curious about the taxes?
  • Or already in Spain and wondering how a specific event might affect your taxes?
  • Let’s help you figure that out!

💸 Tax Inspection

Safeguard Your Tax Exposure
  • Received a notice from the Spanish Tax Authorities? Don’t worry! Our tax experts are here to help.
  • We’ll guide you through the process, represent you, and work towards the best outcome.
  • Let us handle the tax challenges for you.

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Next Steps for you

Discovery call (Free)

Approximately 15 minutes
Est. 1-2 days after initial form submit

Our legal experts will have a light chat with you to assess your request and understand your situation.
✅ We will take this opportunity to start preparing for your Deep-Dive Call

Deep-dive call (Free)

Approximately 30 minutes
Est. 3-5 days after Discovery Call

Our legal experts will walk through your situation and cover everything that you will need in order to solve your situation
✅ We will also go over any outlying legal, tax, administrative and bureaucratic needs you may have that we can solve for you
✅ Afterwards there might be some light email exchange before we present your final quote and you can choose to accept the service

Service Begin (Paid)

Est. Same day of Deep-Dive call or a few days after
Paid for at quote acceptance

Once eligibility and next steps for your case have been accepted from the Deep-Dive Call, we’ll immediately get to work in starting advice and legal submissions
✅Document collection and submissions

Service Delivery

Can vary widely according to your service requested from a few weeks to a few months

We’ll confirm and provide you with all the documents upon completion so you have your problem SOLVED

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