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There are tax-saving opportunities we can create for you.

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Our Average Customer saves €11,324* per year

*Based on our mean 2023 annual tax savings with us

How do we Save You Tax?

Step 1 – Diagnosis Call

Approximately 15 -20 minutes.
With one of our SpainSolved team members.
We will focus on understanding and outlining your fiscal situation to asses which tax expertise is required for your case.

Here we’ll go through and understand your financial, legal and tax problems as well as your financial goals and priorities
✅ During this call we will be creating a case summary of your situation to be used by your matched advisor as preparation material
✅ If we find out that we do not have an advisor that suits your situation, we will refund 100% of your booking

Step 2 – Matching Process

Match you with an ideal tax advisor for your case.
We’ll send you a link to book directly in your calendar.
From over 50+ vetted advisors in our network.

Based on your situation determined in the Diagnosis Call we’ll match you to an advisor perfectly specialized in your situation and give you the ability to book with them directly
✅ We will also be sending along your case summary to your advisor in advance of your Strategy Call with them so they are prepared in advance for your situation

Step 3 – Strategy Call

Approximately 60 minutes
With your matched Tax Advisor
This call will fully satisfy your doubts and lay the groundwork for your tax strategy moving forward

In this call your matched tax advisor will walk you through your situation and give you a strategy covering all paths to structure your tax setup efficiently
✅We’ll make sure you have a solid defense plan so you are protected from fines and embargoes of the Spanish Tax Authorities so you don’t have any risks

Step 4 – Implementation (optional)

Est. Starting after the Strategy Call
*Fee deductible from any Implementation service you would use

For Special Setups that need implementation, you can have them take care of the legal & accounting for you or hold your hand through the process depending on the level of assistance you need

Our Tax Tailor Network in spain

Our Tax Tailor network has grown to over 50 different independent specialist advisors, each covering a different tax speciality to make sure that any tax issues or goals you come to us with can be given the best advice by matching you with the best advisor for you.
No more time and money wasting by speaking to different random advisors where you don’t know if they’re the right one for you problem!

Paying too Much in Tax? Want to Save more?

Are you navigating the complex world of Spanish taxation, struggling to understand the complex rules and regulations? Wish you could save on your taxes and protect yourself from fines?

Your Solution: Tax Tailor Network in Spain

Welcome to the best network for tax advice in Spain. Our extensive network is equipped to be able to cover every avenue to legally reduce your tax bill, ensuring you save more every fiscal year. Let’s uncover the tax savings you never knew existed!

Keep those Tax Savings for Yourself Today!

Don’t let tax worries weigh you down and don’t waste time talking to multiple different advisors to figure out which one is best for you. With our network, usually only accessible by the mega-rich, you can immediately gain the right solutions for your situation to bring down your taxes!

Take the first step towards financial freedom and watch how you can save on taxes today. Whether you’re an individual, a small business owner, or a corporation, we have the expertise to solve your tax needs.

Your financial peace of mind is just a click away. Let’s save on tax and time together!

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