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Personalized tax advice & strategy creation for all your needs – whether you’re a company, a freelancer or just want to understand your tax obligations as a foreigner in Spain

How do we Save You Tax?

Strategy call

Approximately 60 minutes

Our tax advisor will walk through and start to solve your situation over a longer call and holistically cover all paths to minimize your tax bill each year and minimize stress
✅ In this call we can make sure we aren’t missing any outlying legal, tax, administrative and bureaucratic needs you may have that we can solve for you


Approximately 1 day after Strategy Call

If there are any complex steps to be taken after the strategy call that you want us to take over. We will send over a proposal and quotation to implement our strategy
✅ Afterwards may request documents or send over a fact-finder sheet so we can take steps to prepare for implementation.


Est. Starting after acceptance of Proposal

Once it’s clear that you are happy with our suggested next steps from our Strategy Call & Acceptance of our Proposal. We can start to implement all the right steps to make sure you don’t spend another Euro more than necessary in taxes!
✅If there’s anything missing you’re interested in to protect your wealth, we can take care of it all!

Our Tax Expert In Spain

Jose Garcia

Over 12 years of Tax Optimization Experience at Big 4 Firms such as EY as well as leading firms such as ANV, Lexidy, Cabray International, specializing with Expats from all around the world.
Focus: Beckham Law Regime, International Tax Planning, Digital Nomad Accounting, Annual Individual Tax Returns