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Spain, with 300 sunshine days per year, offers beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, and enchanting cities to discover. With a Family Visa, this Mediterranean way of life is effortlessly within reach for your close ones.

The Family Permit in Spain provides non-EU citizens excellent infrastructure when it comes to transportation and technology. This makes it super easy for your close members to live at an affordable cost of living and travel freely across Europe.

Getting yourself a Family Residence Card not only provides an easy access to try our the Spanish lifestyle, but also potentially leads to citizenship after a decade. This broadens the horizon of possibilities for you and your family’s future.

How can a lawyer help me?

Our partnered lawyers can assist you in various ways when it comes to immigration procedures in Spain:

  • Complexity: Taxes, especially in Spain, can be intricate.
  • Strict Authorities: Spanish tax officials have a reputation for being meticulous.
  • Diverse Income: If you have income from various sources or from abroad, navigating taxes can get tricky.
  • Expert Advice: A professional can guide you through the maze, ensuring you’re compliant and optimized.
  • Peace of Mind: With expert help, you can be confident in your tax decisions.
  • Comprehensive support: We provide comprehensive support in Spanish, English, French, and Italian.

Got questions? We’re here to guide you.

What is the wealth tax

Wealth Tax is a yearly tax on your total assets as of December 31st. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Purpose: It taxes the overall wealth you possess, a tax not present in many OCDE countries.
  • Who’s Affected: Both Spanish Tax Residents and Non-Residents need to pay attention.
    • Spanish Tax Residents: Taxed on their global assets.
    • Non-Residents: Only taxed on assets in Spain.

The Wealth Tax looks at the net value of your assets. Here’s a simple breakdown of what’s taxable:

  • Real Estate: Taxed based on the highest value, whether it’s the official assessed value, the value for other taxes, or the purchase price. If it’s under construction, the tax is based on what you’ve paid so far.
  • Bank Accounts: This includes checking, savings, and any term deposits. Don’t forget about Cryptocurrency accounts and wallets!
  • Stocks & Equity:
    • Stocks or values from any organized markets.
    • Shares or other forms of equity, whether or not they’re from organized markets.
  • Insurance & Pensions: This covers life insurances and any pensions, whether temporary or lifelong.
  • Personal Items:
    • Jewelry and luxury furs.
    • Motor vehicles over 125 cc.
    • Recreational items like boats, sport vessels, airplanes, and yachts.
    • Art and antiques.
  • Rights & Royalties:
    • Earnings from patents or trademarks.
    • Intellectual and industrial property rights.

If your net wealth exceeds certain limits set by different regions in Spain, you’ll need to fill out the 714 Form and report all your assets, no matter where they’re located. Here’s a quick look at the limits:

  • Catalonia: €500,000
  • Andalusia: €700,000
  • Valencia: €600,000
  • Madrid: Even though there’s no Wealth Tax here, if your net wealth is over €2,000,000, you’ll still need to report it (but you won’t be taxed on it).
  • Getting Started: Once you choose our services, we’ll drop you an email.
  • Your Asset Details: In the email, we’ll ask for a list of all your assets worldwide and their values.
  • Review & Draft: We’ll check the list, filter out any assets that don’t need to be included, and then draft your Wealth Tax Return.
  • Potential Savings: Where possible, we’ll apply a reduction based on combined limits of both the Personal Income Tax and the Wealth Tax.


Not really. Transferring assets usually means you’ll face a capital gain tax. Plus, the person receiving them might need to pay a Gift Tax.

No, but you can deduct certain costs like mortgages. Personal debts can also be deducted if you have the right documentation.

Yes! It grants you a five-year work and residence permit.Some assets are exempt from the tax calculation. We can guide you on organizing your assets in a way that might reduce your tax bill.

Only if you’re currently getting money from them. Unclaimed pensions, 401ks, or Traditional IRAs don’t count.

Yes, if you’re a tax resident in Spain. Being a resident means you pay tax on worldwide assets, no matter where they’re located.

Yes, for Spanish tax residents. If you’ve spent over 183 days in Spain, you’ll be taxed on all your assets, no matter where they are.

They do if their Spain-based assets exceed certain limits. They’ll pay tax only on those Spanish assets.

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Our most Common Case Examples

🌍 Personal Income Tax

  • A pilot wanted to smartly handle his personal taxes in Spain.
  • By applying for a work-abroad income exemption, he saved on taxing 60,100 Euros each year.
  • It’s all about knowing the law! And our partners can help with that!

💰 Wealth Tax

  • A US expat moving to Spain wanted to manage his US assets to avoid Spain’s Wealth Tax.
  • By switching from an LLC to a Limited company, he benefited from a family business exemption. Smart move!

  • A company had been inactive for years. We refreshed its accounting, filed all overdue tax returns, and now it’s ready to run smoothly again.
  • Let’s get to business!

Our other Requested Tax Cases

🏠 Beckham Law

Acquire a business Now
  • Thinking of moving to Spain? You might like the “David Beckham” Law! Here’s why:
    • You’d pay only 24% tax on your employment income.
    • Just 19% tax on other income from Spain.
    • And the best part? Income from abroad like dividends, interests, and capital gains won’t be taxed in Spain at all.
  • Sounds good, right?

🧑🏻‍💼 Refund Spanish Witholdings

Get Your Witholdings back now
  • Got dividends from shares in Spain but live elsewhere? Spain might’ve taken some as withholding tax.
  • But good news!
  • There might be a limit on how much they can take, based on a tax agreement between Spain and your home country.

🧾 Tax Simulation

Simulate your Tax Now
  • Thinking of moving to Spain and curious about the taxes?
  • Or already in Spain and wondering how a specific event might affect your taxes?
  • Let’s help you figure that out!

💸 Tax Inspection

Safeguard Your Tax Exposure
  • Received a notice from the Spanish Tax Authorities? Don’t worry! Our tax experts are here to help.
  • We’ll guide you through the process, represent you, and work towards the best outcome.
  • Let us handle the tax challenges for you.

Next Steps for you After Requesting a Call

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Approximately 15 minutes
Est. 1-2 days after initial form submit

✅ Our legal experts will have a light chat with you to assess your request and understand your situation.
✅ We will take this opportunity to start preparing for your Deep-Dive Call

Deep-dive call (Free)

Approximately 30 minutes
Est. 3-5 days after Discovery Call

✅ Our legal experts will walk through your situation and cover everything that you will need in order to solve your situation
✅ We will also go over any outlying legal, tax, administrative and bureaucratic needs you may have that we can solve for you
✅ Afterwards there might be some light email exchange before we present your final quote and you can choose to accept the service

Service Begin (Paid)

Est. Same day of Deep-Dive call or a few days after
Paid for at quote acceptance

✅ Once eligibility and next steps for your case have been accepted from the Deep-Dive Call, we’ll immediately get to work in starting advice and legal submissions
✅Document collection and submissions

Service Delivery

Can vary widely according to your service requested from a few weeks to a few months

✅ We’ll confirm and provide you with all the documents upon completion so you have your problem SOLVED

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