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Thinking about making Spain your new home without needing to work?

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Spain, with 300 sunshine days per year, offers beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, and enchanting cities to discover. With a Non-Lucrative Visa, this Mediterranean way of life is effortlessly within reach.

The “Wealth Visa” in Spain provides non-EU citizens a route to EU residency, allowing free travel within the EU and the chance to capitalize on business ideas across Europe.

Gaining a “Wealth Visa” not only provides a simple access to Spain but also potentially leads to citizenship after a decade. This broadens the horizon of possibilities for you and your family’s future.

Why move to Spain?

There are countless reasons why a large number of individuals from around the globe opt to elevate their lifestyle by moving to Spain. It’s no secret that Spain boasts one of Europe’s most favorable climates, providing endless blue skies and vibrant sunshine unlike many of its continental neighbors.

The decision to call Spain home is also driven by its abundant, wholesome, and diverse culinary delights. The Mediterranean diet, hailed as one of the world’s tastiest and healthiest, is a daily treat.

Moreover, we must mention the vast array of landscapes that Spain presents, from sun-drenched beaches to frosty mountain peaks, and lush green vistas. Spain also provides a myriad of cultural and historical experiences, and of course, top-tier education.

How can a lawyer help me?

Our partnered lawyers can assist you in various ways when it comes to immigration procedures in Spain:

  • Guidance: Our partners will walk you through the non-lucrative visa requirements.
  • Document Help: They’ll assist in collecting and reviewing necessary paperwork.
  • Submission Assistance: They’ll help with the application process, ensuring accuracy.
  • Legal Backup: Representation during any potential legal hiccups.
  • Criteria Insight: Understand the financial self-sufficiency requirement without needing to work.
  • Complexity Handled: The process can be tricky, but they’ll simplify it for you.
  • Increased Success: Teaming up with them can boost your visa approval chances.
  • Comprehensive support: Their collaborations with health insurance providers, certified translators, and international schools will enhance your initial Spanish experience. They’ll provide comprehensive support in Spanish, English, French, and Italian.
What is the Non-Lucrative Visa?
  • Purpose: The Non-Lucrative Visa allows non-EU citizens to live in Spain, provided they can financially support themselves without needing to work there.
  • Family Inclusion: It’s not just for the main applicant. Spouses and dependent children can also reside under this visa.
  • Travel Benefits: Once you have it, you can travel throughout the EU’s Schengen area without requiring another visa. It’s a great perk if you love exploring Europe.
  • Duration: Initially, the visa lasts for a year. But don’t worry, you can renew it for two more years afterward.
  • Rights: It’s crucial to understand this visa lets you live in Spain, but you can’t work there. However, after five years, you might qualify for permanent residency, which is a step closer to becoming a Spanish citizen.
  • Investment: One of the significant benefits of this visa? There’s no need to invest in Spain to get it.
  • Evolution to Work Permit: While the Non Lucrative Visa doesn’t let you work, there’s a pathway to change that. If you decide to start a business or if a company offers you a job, this visa can transition into a work permit.

Got questions? We’re here to guide you.

  • Where to Apply: You’ll need to head to the Spanish Consulate or Embassy in your home country or where you currently live. Sorry, you can’t apply while in Spain.
  • Response Time: After submitting, just hang tight for up to 90 days – that’s usually how long they take to get back to you.
  • Finances & Health: Make sure you have enough money to support yourself and your family. Oh, and don’t forget about private health insurance!
  • Paperwork in Spanish: Some of your documents, like bank statements or marriage certificates, might need a translation. Ensure it’s done by a certified translator.
  • No Spanish Connection Needed: You don’t need Spanish parents or to be born in Spain. This visa is for anyone who fits the bill!
  • Earning: While working isn’t on the cards, you can still enjoy passive income, say, from investments or property.
  • Study Up: Fancy studying? Good news! Just like with a student visa, this one lets you attend classes in Spain.
  • Stable Income: Have a steady monthly income, but not from a job (they might think you want to work in Spain). Think along the lines of a trust fund or pension. You’ll need at least €2,200 for yourself and an extra €550 for each family member coming with you. A glance at your bank statements should show this.
  • Health Insurance: Secure private health insurance that covers everything. Public healthcare? That’s usually for Spanish and EU folks. Just a heads up, some regions like Madrid might restrict their healthcare for newcomers during the first year.
  • Other Essentials: A clean police record is a must. So is a medical certificate. Oh, and if you’re moving with your other half, you might need some documents from your home country’s civil registry.
  1. Gather Your Paperwork: Once everything’s ready, expect an answer in about 20 days. If you need a hand, firms like Lexidy are there to assist.
  2. Visit the Spanish Embassy: You’ll need to apply in person at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your home country or current residence. No news after applying? That likely means it’s a no-go.
  3. Head to Spain: Once approved, you’ll get a visa that lets you live in Spain for a year. And guess what? You can renew it for two more years at a time!
  4. Get Your Foreigner’s ID Card: After you land in Spain, register at the local Spanish Town Hall. There, you can get your residence card (TIE). Don’t forget – you’ve got 90 days to do this. Dreaming of Spanish citizenship? That can happen after 10 years.

Some people struggle with the language, but don’t worry! Our immigration partners can accompany you to the appointment.

  • What You’ll Need:
    • Six months of bank statements (dated close to your application date).
    • The account should be displayed under the main visa applicant’s name.
  • Local or International Bank?: You can use any bank for this proof, but remember, once you’re in Spain, you’ll need a local bank account.

To get the non-lucrative visa for Spain, here’s a simple checklist:

  • Healthcare: Get private insurance from a Spanish provider.
  • Form: Fill out the National Visa Form.
  • Bank Info: A bank certificate proving you have enough funds.
  • ID: Your current passport.
  • Background: A legal criminal record check.
  • Health: A medical certificate.

Tip: Using an immigration lawyer can make things quicker and smoother for you!

Want to renew? Here’s what you need:

  • Healthcare: Make sure you have private insurance.
  • Finances: Show you can support yourself.
  • Stay in Spain: Were you in Spain for at least 180 days in the visa year?


  • First, it’s issued for a year, then you can renew for two more years.
  • After 10 years in Spain? You can go for Spanish citizenship!

Easy tip: Renew online. If you need help, our team’s got your back!

Process of getting the spanish Golden Visa

Initiate with an Investment

Kickstart your journey to Spanish residency by making a qualifying investment:

  • Purchase real estate worth €500,000
  • Deposit €1 million in a Spanish bank
  • Invest €1 million in Spanish company stocks

We advise having a Spanish bank account to ease this phase. With a Power of Attorney, our attorneys can assist in opening one for you.

Assemble Required Documents

Collect essential documents like bank statements or criminal record certificates pertinent to the investor visa. Ensure public documents are legalised, and any non-Spanish document is translated by an accredited, sworn translator.

Golden Visa Application Process
  • From Your Home Country: Initiate your Golden Visa application at your local Spanish Consulate or Embassy post-investment. Upon approval, you’ll receive a one-year residence visa. After arriving in Spain, you can convert this into a two-year residency permit.
  • While In Spain: Alternatively, apply for the Golden Visa during a tourist’s 90-day stay in Spain. Here, you’re directly eligible for a two-year residence and work permit.

Both application routes grant the Golden Visa holder visa-free access across the EU’s Schengen zone.

Securing a Foreign ID Card

Once your residence permit is approved in Spain, it’s crucial to register for a Foreign ID or residence card, often termed as a TIE.

After a decade in Spain with the investor visa, holders are eligible to pursue Spanish citizenship, opening the door to a Spanish passport.

The Spanish Golden Visa program has one leading criteria, which is to make an investment in Spain. There are several ways to qualify for Spanish residency via investment. However, the visa applicant must show the following documentation for each of the asset classes.

Real Estate

The visa application must have a certificate of domains and Land Registry charges. It must also have the deed of sale for any assets that you buy. 

Investing in Spanish shares

The residency permit application via Spain’s stock market requires a declaration from the Investment Registry of the Ministry of Economy. There must also be a certificate from a registered financial intermediary.

Spanish Government Bonds

For this type of asset, there should be a certificate from Banco de Espana or the financial institution which manages the investment and who are its holders and/or owners. Banco de Espana is the central bank of Spain.

Bank Deposit Investment

The applicant must provide a certificate issued by the financial institution that states they are responsible for that deposit.

The applicant must provide the immigration officials the following paperwork for the Golden Visa application:

  • A completed visa application form
  • Two passport photos
  • A valid passport with at least two blank pages
  • Proof of sufficient financial means to support the applicant and their family
  • A criminal record background check
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proof of visa payment

Some of the paperwork above is needed for Spain’s other visas like temporary residence permits.

In Spain, taxes on real estate differ based on the property’s location and its age. Generally, the buyer bears most of the associated fees. These can vary across Spain’s regions, but generally include:

  • A property transfer tax ranging between 6% to 10% for pre-existing properties or a 10% VAT (known locally as IVA) for new builds.
  • Notary charges, title deed tax, and land registration fees, which typically run from 1% to 2.5% of the property’s value.

Starting your property purchase usually involves picking out a property and initiating a bank account. If you’re an international investor, you’ll need to obtain an NIE (Foreigners Tax ID number) from local authorities.

Once both buyer and seller agree on terms, it’s formalized via a Reservation Agreement and a Letter of Intent. This step often requires a deposit, known locally as an “Arras agreement”. This deposit is non-refundable, so a well-structured Arras is crucial. Should either party back out of the deal, compensation becomes necessary.

Concluding the property deal involves settling any remaining taxes or fees and updating the property’s ownership details in the Land Registry. With our skilled Real Estate attorneys by your side, we’ll ensure a smooth transaction while safeguarding your interests.

Remember, investing in Spanish property doesn’t just offer a pathway to residency; it can also be a lucrative venture. Whether you’re buying a residence or a commercial space, consider property management services to maximize your rental returns.

Once you’ve secured your property, your journey to obtaining your visa unfolds over approximately four months. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Gather Essential Documents: This step can take between two to five weeks. Ensuring you have all necessary paperwork in order is crucial for a smooth process.
  2. Submit Your Application: After preparing your documents, submit the application and anticipate an approval within roughly 20 days.
  3. Claim Your Residence Card: Once approved, you can collect your residence card from the local police station, which typically takes between six to eight weeks.

Financial Capability: It’s important to demonstrate that you can sustain yourself and your family financially in Spain.

  • The primary applicant must prove an annual income of €27,792.96.
  • For every additional family member relocating with the main applicant, this sum increases by €6,948.24 annually.

You can usually verify your financial capacity by presenting bank statements or obtaining a certificate from your bank.


It typically takes 3-4 months, but some embassies may take longer.

Plan ahead! Apply within 3 months of your travel date, not earlier.

Be cautious. Some places might decline your application if you’re working remotely. But don’t worry, we can guide you on Spanish work visas.

Breathe. Correct any errors and reapply. Or, if you’re feeling up to it, you can appeal, though that might take a couple years.

They can! Just make sure you can cover their living costs. A few extra papers like marriage or birth certificates will be needed. Got a long-term partner but not married? They can come too, as long as you can show your bond’s strength. Let’s get everyone on board!

The key difference? The Non Lucrative visa doesn’t let you work in Spain. With the Business visa, you can work independently or run your own Spanish company. And yes, our partners can help with work visas.

Absolutely! Ensure you show they won’t be financially dependent. If you aren’t married, long-term relationship proof will do the trick.

Often, it’s about not showing enough funds. Requirements might differ, so it’s best to get tailored advice. Our expert partners can guide on appeals, resubmissions, and even help with potential visa interviews.

Staying in Spain for over 183 days a year? That makes you a tax resident. Expect to pay income tax on all your global earnings, including rents and investment profits.

Confused? Our tax experts are here to help clarify things!

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🌍 Golden Visa

Relocate Now
  • The Golden Visa program offers residency to those who invest over €500,000 in Spanish property.
  • This visa provides the holder with the privilege to live in Spain and travel all across Europe.
  • Initially, the residency permit is issued as a one-year visa, particularly for applicants residing overseas.

💰 Non-Lucrative Visa

Optimise your Tax
  • The “Wealth Visa” gives you the opportunity to reside in Spain, provided you have enough financial resources to support yourself and your family.
  • We offer guidance to non-EU individuals who aspire to live in Spain without engaging in any economic activities.
  • Secure a Non-Lucrative Visa with our partners today!

🏠 Spanish Nationality

Invest in Real estate
  • Obtaining spanish nationality allows individuals to obtain a permanent right of work and residency in Spain for you and your family.
  • We offer guidance on the best ways for you to obtain spanish nationality according to your situation whether it be through family, marriage or residence.
  • Secure your Spanish Nationality today!

🧑🏻‍💼 EU Certificate

Secure your EU residency
  • An EU certificate is a mandatory registration for all European citizens who wish to live in Spain for more than 3 months and gives the holder the right to legally reside in Spain.
  • Get quick and reliable support for obtaining your foreign identity number. This ID unlocks dozens of benefits for executing your personal, economic or professional goals.

🧾 Digital Nomad Visa

Enable your Nomad Life
  • Experience Spain while continuing to work remotely for your company with the Spanish Nomad Visa. We’re here to assist you with visa procedures, taxation, and housing needs.
  • Become part of the growing community of digital nomads in Spain and delve into the diverse offerings of this remarkable nation.
  • Allow our dedicated partners to optimize your digital nomad journey and ensure your remote work visa in Spain.

💸 Entrepreneurship Visa

Start your Business Dreams
  • An Entrepreneurship Visa is a privileged residence permit that supports entrepreneurs and investors to promote the arrival of foreign talent in Spain.
  • We recommend this visa if your priority is to work on your activity, project or idea from the day you arrive in Spain and could be considered as in the “general interest” of Spain
  • Let our partners help assess your business intent and secure your entrepreneurship visa!

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